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Point of Sale

ASSET Point of Sale
for restaurants and retail

Point of Sale Infor M3

ASSET Point of Sale
M3 Retail

About us

Computanse AS was formed in 1996. The company was acquired by Apper Holding AB in 2020. We are a highly specialized IBM Business partner and certified dealer of IBM Power i.

Our Offerings

Digital opportunities and long-term value for your business. With our unique expertise, creativity and passion for technology, we are building the solutions of the future.

Our customers

A majority of our customers use our in-house developed systems as core solutions in the company. Among these are Peppes Pizza, Burger King Scandinavia, Optimera, Montér mf.

Digital opportunities and long-term value for your business

Together with our customers, we create digital solutions with great significance for the business.

We offer in-house developed software solutions and consulting services specifically aimed at the Retail Market. Our customers are demanding and high-profile companies that are market leaders in their industries in Norway.

User-friendly and future-proof POS systems

ASSET Restaurant – the cash register system for you and your business

  • A secure and user-friendly POS system to grow with
  • Integrated online shop to common database
  • Integrated solution for smartphones and tablets
  • Invoice module
  • Call centre with collection point control
  • Delivery management
  • Timesheet reporting for restaurant employees
  • Table booking
  • Self-service checkout
  • Order list for final customer settlement in restaurant
  • Bonus programmes, discounts and gift cards
  • Touch screen and barcodes
  • Support for managing allergies

ASSET/M3 Retail – direct integration with Infor M3

  • Installation directly on ERP server – immediate updating
  • All data is retrieved at the moment of sale
  • Correct and up-to-date inventory – in all units and departments
  • Correct and up-to-date prices – including promotions and price changes
  • Credit check directly in the accounts receivable ledger
  • All sales and return transactions are available from all registers
  • Updated stock at all available points of sale
  • Basic data is maintained in the business system
  • Additional sales and replacement items
  • Lower investment and operating costs
  • Daily backup and offline automation

Products and services

In addition to our standard products, we deliver a number of special solutions related to niche industries.


Modernization and Application Management

  • IBM Business Partner
  • Modernisation IBM i
  • Innovation & development
  • Management & optimization

Point of Sale

Point of Sale system

  • ASSET Restaurant
  • ASSET Bakery and café
  • ASSET Online
  • ASSET/M3 Retail


Supply Integration Manager

  • EDI
  • WebEDI
  • Order handling
  • Supplier & payments


Business system for IBM i-customers

  • Finance & accounting
  • Purchasing & sales
  • Production & logistics
  • Integration for POS solutions

IBM Power Systems and IBM i give us the tools to modernize our customers’ business

Computanse has many years of experience from IBM Power and IBM i. We are now investing further in the newly developed IBM Power technology and operating system. The background is many years of experience with cost-effective and stable solutions on this platform. The stability around this platform is mainly due to the fact that hardware and operating system are developed and delivered as a unit – and adapted to each other.

Computanse develops its applications in Java with IBM WebSphere as application server. Tools we use during development are largely based on Open Source projects.

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Our customers

We help leading brands in the Nordic region to succeed with digital initiatives specifically aimed at the Retail market.
Our customers are leading companies in the Nordic region in retail, restaurant and bakery.

With us you are in good company. From small business owners to multinational groups. Together we take restaurant and retail into the future.

The customer always comes first

We provide quality-assured services based on the customer’s business needs. A majority of our customers use our in-house developed systems as core solutions in the company. Among these is Peppe’s Pizza. Peppes runs our total solution for order receipt, distribution and Call center. In the restaurants, they use our checkout system. Computanse has also developed and delivered

We have also developed niche systems for various industries, including fruit and vegetable imports. In addition, we develop additional systems that provide added value in the individual customer’s business.